Privacy Policy

Regarding the Personal Information Protection, “Kobori Ryokan” (in the following: “we”), we recognize the importance of the personal information of the customers that use this page and are careful about the treatment and management of said information. This page uses the information (names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses) to identify our customers.

In the following cases, we collect information of our customers:
1. In case of reservation
2. In case of inquiry

Purpose of use of personal information We use the personal information of our customers for the following purposes:
1. Procedures necessary for the reservation of our customers (Reservation, usage of our services, contact regarding inquiries)
2. Sending information about our services to the customer by email
3. We collect information of our customers in statistics, that are made so that the individual customer cannot be identified, and analyze them to improve our service
4. In case that law obligates our company to use the data

If we use the personal information for any other purpose than stated above, we will do so only after receiving permission of the customer himself.

We will never provide or display our customers information to any third party, excluding the following cases:
1. We received the permission of the customer
2. In case that public institutions as courthouses and or the police demands display of information due to law.

We will treat our customers information appropriate and carefully, so that it cannot be accessed by hackers, leaked, alternated or lost.