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At our inn, you will be able to enjoy a meal, that you can only find here: We pick up the best of Japanese and Western-styled cuisine.
Our inn is separated into a main and a sub building, the connecting passage you can find a traditional storehouse (Kura).

We want to preserve the nostalgic and relaxing atmosphere at our inn and heartily cherish the OMOTENASHI.

Meiji 24 (1891)                  Opened as “Kaneni Shinonome Inn” in Motodaiku-machi, still treasuring the gilt lettered billboard today
Showa 3   (1928)                  Moving to current place, Honmachi
Showa 10 (1935)               Renamed to “Kobori Ryokan”
Heisei 21 (2008)               Entitled as “Tasteful Building” by city of Hirosaki.
Same year                         Received “Town-Planning Price (city-scenery department)” by Hirosaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Types and number of rooms
Room type With bath & toilet Without bath& toilet
Single   2
Japanese style 10m2  4
Japanese style 13m2 5
Japanese style 16.5m2 3
Japanese style 23m2 3
Total  14 3
6.fw 8.fw
Japanese style 10m2 Japanese style 13m2
single.fw 14.fw
Single Japanese style 23m2

Bathroom (big) for up to 8 persons                            Bathroom (small) for up to 4 persons
Have your stress taken away by our hot baths.

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Services and Amenity

Toothbrushes, shavers, shampoo and conditioner, free TV, soap, tea, tea utensils, pot, face towels, bath towels, coin laundry, vending machines corner

We treasure local and seasonal vegetables as well as marine products from the near sea for our hand made meals.
For banquets, we have prepared two halls of 50m2 each. We will prepare Japanese-styled tableware for all people and within your budget.
*The pictures are samples of breakfast and banquets.

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ozen02 toki ozen01